Rift Sawn White Oak Flooring, Mercer St. NY

Select Grade Rift Sawn White Oak Flooring quietly underpins this eclectic SoHo apartment, a collaboration between designers Charlap Hyman & Herrero and Food Architects, featured in Architectural Digest. The White Oak Flooring is finished with Bread Loaf, a clear finish with a low sheen that accentuates the natural tonal variations of the wood. Campbell Design + Construction specializes in high-end residential and boutique commercial projects in New York City.

  • Flooring: Select Rift Sawn White Oak Flooring in 4″ widths
  • Finish: Vermont Plank Artisan Bread Loaf Finish
  • Construction by Campbell Design + Construction
  • Architecture by Modellus Novelus & Food Architects
  • Interior Design by Charlap Hyman & Herrero
  • Photography by Angel Hau