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Walnut Wide Plank Flooring

Found predominantly in the eastern United States, the black walnut tree, from which most hardwood walnut flooring is derived, grows at a slow pace to a height of 75–125 feet and a spread of 50–75 feet. When harvested, its wood is treasured for its practicality and beauty.

At Vermont Plank Flooring, we accentuate that beauty by selecting and harvesting only the healthiest, fully mature trees grown sustainably in small, family-owned woodlots. We then mill those trees to create wide-board planks of exceptional quality specific to your project and your specifications—all at affordable prices.

walnut flooring - entry foyer vermont plank

Order custom-milled Walnut Flooring in one of three ways:

Natural Leaf - Unfinished Flooring


Unfinished planks require light sanding after installation to knock sharp edges and prepare the floor for the onsite finish application. From $14 - $32/SF

Snapping Hand - Finish Ready

Finish Ready

Avoid sanding onsite by ordering unfinished planks Finish Ready: knots filled, pre-sanded, with optional micro-bevel. Unfinished price + $2/SF

Color Palette - Prefinished Flooring


Prefinished planks are milled with a slight bevel, and are sanded, sealed, and top coated with the prefinish on your signed control sample. Starting at unfinished price + $6/SF


Vermont Plank Flooring can supply your custom-milled Walnut floor unfinished, to be finished onsite after installation - or we can prefinish it for you. Browse popular Walnut finish options below.
This clear finish celebrates walnut's natural colors, with a soft, refined tone. Water-based with a low sheen, pictured on Select Walnut.
Hartland accentuates the bright, warm golden hues of Walnut's Heart and Sapwood.
This is a fan favorite, probably because it makes every piece of Walnut it’s applied to look museum-quality! Deep, rich, brown, and gold tones make for a breathtaking showpiece of a floor.
We’ve used Shelburne in LA contemporaries and Massachusetts farmhouses; its dark brown and black tones are modern, to be sure, but they also make a traditional space feel design-forward.

Style of cut
Solid / Engineered

Native Americans and early settlers prized the walnut tree for its practicality. They derived medicines from the leaves and the husks of the tree’s fruit. When the fruit ripened, they found a rich and flavorful nut inside. And they used the nut’s shell to create inks and dyes. They also discovered the tree’s interior beauty, its wood, for which people still swoon. But tempting as love-at-first-sight may be, let’s look “under the hood” at walnut flooring’s other qualities.

character grade walnut flooring with oil finish

Light Character Walnut Flooring (limited availability) with Hit-or-Miss Texturing & Hartland Finish

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