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Rift & Quarter Sawn White Oak Plank Flooring

White oak’s characteristics and capabilities are legendary. This slow-growing, broadly spreading, majestic tree demands attention both for its physical stature and for the wood it produces. The inherent beauty imparted by the wood’s color and grain patterns have made it a long-time favorite for the interior finishing of houses, including flooring.

At Vermont Plank Flooring, we foster that beauty by milling visually dramatic quarter sawn and rift sawn white oak options (in addition to plain sawn). And we’ll produce it to your specifications, for your project, and at an affordable price.

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Order custom-milled Rift & Quarter Sawn White Oak Flooring in one of three ways:

Natural Leaf - Unfinished Flooring


Unfinished planks require light sanding after installation to knock sharp edges and prepare the floor for the onsite finish application. From $13 - $28/SF

Snapping Hand - Finish Ready

Finish Ready

Avoid sanding onsite by ordering unfinished planks Finish Ready: knots filled, pre-sanded, with optional micro-bevel. Unfinished price + $2/SF

Color Palette - Prefinished Flooring


Prefinished planks are milled with a slight bevel, and are sanded, sealed, and top coated with the prefinish on your signed control sample. Starting at unfinished price + $6/SF


Vermont Plank Flooring can supply your custom-milled Rift & Quarter Sawn White Oak floor unfinished, to be finished on-site after installation - or we can prefinish it for you. Browse popular finish options below.
Waterbury’s subtle white accent tones in the grain offset its light, seemingly untreated base colors.
We think this deep golden finish with brown tones looks great on Live Sawn or Rift & Quarter Sawn boards, but it’s so versatile it looks great with everything. Pictured on Select Grade R&Q White Oak.
Lighter than some of our other historic finishes, Mansfield Summit’s subtle grays and browns look weathered but elegant; this finish was used in many modernist buildings in the mid-20th century.
One of our most popular finishes, its soft, silver, gray, and brown accents create a slightly weathered look. Perfect for everything from a grand great room to a private reading nook.

Style of cut
Solid / Engineered

America’s official national tree has been harvested for millennia, first by the native tribes, who used the wood for awls, tools, and baskets, and then by the European settlers who landed on the shores of the new world.

They uncovered a hard, rot-resistant wood beneath those sturdy limbs that quickly found use for ship repair and shipbuilding (including the famed frigate, the USS Constitution), construction, and wine and whiskey barrels.

They also realized white oak expressed different aesthetic aspects depending on how it was milled.

While plain sawn white oak is milled parallel to the tree’s growth rings, quarter sawn is produced when a log is sawn perpendicular to the growth rings. Planks are cut that radiate out from the center of the log after it is quartered. The result is a straighter grain and striking, iridescent medullary rays known as flecking.

Rift sawn planks are also quarter sawn but are cut from the outer third of the log exclusively. They are noted for a contemporary feel derived from their very straight grain, with little to no flecking.

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