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vermont plank founder Mark Tarmy

Like most American business stories, Vermont Plank Flooring was born of a degree of foresight, a little bit of luck, and a lot of hard work.

Our involvement in the wood business started in 1946 when Jack Tarmy started driving a lumber truck making deliveries in the Boston area. By 1958, he had his own company, selling the finest New England timber to customers around the world.

timber workers sort log pile
late 19th century family next to enormous tree root
vermont plank flooring history

Jack’s son Mark joined the company in 1980, helping it grow roots in a community and supply chain that persists to this day. Meanwhile, Howard Mathison, who had grown a successful cabinet-making business in Minnesota during the 1970s, was moving his business to Massachusetts. Howard and Mark met and struck up a friendship.

In 1989, Mark and Howard joined forces and started crafting custom-made, wide-plank flooring from a mill in Brattleboro, Vermont. They named it Vermont Plank Flooring, and began to mill the best floors in the business. Thirty years later, a third generation of Tarmys is helping guide the business into the future without losing sight of Jack’s guiding principle: the best product for the best price.


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