Wide Plank Flooring Species

To flip an idiom on its head, one might presume that here in our home state of Vermont—where we are surrounded by woodland—we may “lose sight of the trees for the forest.” Or one might postulate that working with trees on a daily basis, as we do at Vermont Plank Flooring, might prompt a bit of indifference.

But the truth is, we never tire of trees. We are perpetually inspired by their remarkable strength and resilience. We are amazed by their diversity and individuality. And we are captivated by the majestic beauty of the wood they produce.

As one does not tire of Monet, or Venice, or the Grand Canyon, wood similarly keeps us entranced. And we know it will for you, too.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the tree species and wood types shown below—to marvel at the variations in color, texture, and grain pattern, and then click through to learn about their history, discover their many uses, uncover their strengths and histories, and envision how, in the form of wide plank flooring, they might enhance and enrich your home.