wide plank flooring
at mill direct prices

Handcrafted in Vermont for your home

Wood Flooring Specialists

We have been producing the finest mill direct wide plank wood flooring on the market for 30 years.

Our solid hardwood flooring is selectively cut, sustainably harvested, and milled to your specifications for your project. Our customers receive the highest quality, most stunning, widest plank flooring available.

And because we sell wholesale—eliminating the middleman—our flooring is surprisingly affordable.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

  • Wood floors provide a luxurious warmth and welcoming embrace to any décor, design motif, or architectural style.
  • Nothing compares to the splendor of natural wood’s colors and grain patterns.
  • Hardwood flooring is exceptionally durable, and it affords the opportunity to re-discover its original magnificence through refinishing.
  • Wide plank floors add to the long-term value of your home.

Why Choose Vermont Plank Flooring?


Most hardwood flooring companies mass produce their products from trees harvested by a third party. Those trees may be less than fully mature, or even unhealthy. The result are planks of uneven quality.

At Vermont Plank Flooring, we have personal relationships with the woodlot owners from which we source our trees. They are FSC-certified—committed to sustainable management practices and harvesting only the healthiest, fully mature trees.

Our quest for quality continues through the milling process, where each plank we produce is carefully assessed and graded to meet our exacting standards.

Individual Service

Because we handcraft each plank specifically for your project, we produce them exactly to your requirements. You choose the species, solid hardwood versus engineered, the plank lengths and widths, the grade, the saw technique, and the finishing product and tinting.

But fear not; we are here to answer your questions and guide you through the entire process, so you can be assured of receiving a wide plank floor that not only meets your desires but surpasses your wildest dreams.

Plank Dimensions

With fully mature, healthy trees as our starting point, we are able to mill the widest and longest planks in the industry—up to 10–16 feet in length, and up to 12–19 inches in width, depending on the species. These dimensions are 2–3 times what you’ll find elsewhere.

Long and wide boards mean fewer seams between planks, leading the eye to see an unbroken plane of wood’s beautiful colors and grain patterns rather than a jigsaw puzzle of individual components.


With Vermont Plank Flooring’s combination of quality, choice, and service, you might expect sticker shock.

But because we keep our entire process in-house and our overhead low, and because we cut out the middleman and provide you with mill-direct wholesale pricing, you’ll be surprised at how affordable your custom floor can be.

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