Distressed Character White Oak Flooring, Lake Forest IL

Distressed Character White Oak Flooring in varied 6” – 12” widths serves as the centerpiece for this Lake Forest family lodge. Finished with Harris Hill generating dramatic contrasts of warm cinnamon browns with hints of red, these planks are milled to retain the saw mark texturing from the original Saw Mill – a process referred to as “skip hitting” or “hit-or-miss” texturing.

  • Flooring: Character Grade White Oak Flooring in varied 6″, 8″ 10″ & 12″ widths with “Hit-or-Miss” texturing
  • Finish: Vermont Plank Artisan Harris Hill Finish
NOTE: Newly milled solid White Oak can retain the random hit-or-miss saw marks created when the planks are first sawn from the timber. This dramatic, rustic look increases the contrast and changes the feel of the finished floor. Hit-or-miss saw mark texture can be retained, upon request, on any style of solid White Oak flooring.