Eastern White Pine Wide Plank Flooring

Widest Planks Available

Here at our family-run mill in Brattleboro, Vermont, working with eastern white pine is like cheering for the Red Sox. They’re both New England favorites with deep roots and a long history underfoot.

Vermont Plank Flooring custom mills every plank of eastern white pine for each individual customer and project. We take enormous pride in producing gorgeous flooring to your specifications at affordable mill-direct pricing.

Is Eastern White Pine Flooring the Right Choice for Your Home?

For more than 250 years, eastern white pine has been the flooring of choice in this region. Early settlers found the species in great supply in the nearby forests and quickly learned that it was relatively easy to cut and saw. As the tallest pines in North America, and with impressive diameters, the trees produced long and unusually wide boards that made for easy installation. Those wide planks are a hallmark feature of homes in historic districts throughout New England.

As you think about the species and specifics that are best for your home and your tastes, here are some details to consider.

What Size Planks are Available?

At Vermont Plank Flooring, we work with small, private New England landowners who supply us with wood selectively cut from trees that have reached full maturity. This allows us to produce eastern white pine flooring in the widest planks available—from 10 to 15 inches in width—and up to 16 feet in length, effectively matching the impressive boards milled from the old-growth trees harvested in the pre-Revolutionary era. Nobody else comes close.

With fewer seams, wide planks create a more striking design aesthetic and a sense of luxury and expanse. For many wood species, the wider the boards, the more prominent those seams can become, as normal seasonal expansion and contraction aren’t distributed across several boards. But eastern white pine is surprisingly stable dimensionally when dry, thereby minimizing the prospect of yawning gaps, even with planks a foot or more in width. Seamless, indeed!

How Durable Is Eastern White Pine?

If you are looking for flooring that is an impenetrable fortress, look to another species like White Oak, Hickory, or Walnut. Eastern white pine is technically a soft wood, so it will ding and dent over time. But we like to think of those accumulated imperfections as a patina—character enhancements that add to the charm and appeal. Over time, extensive foot traffic will prompt eastern white pine flooring to harden as the wood’s fibers compress, resulting in a foot-worn floor that will last for hundreds of years, as it has in the pre-Revolutionary War homes of Bunker Hill, Lexington, and Concord.

What Will it Look Like in My Home?

As a starting point, keep in mind that Vermont Plank Flooring uses only the finest quality wood, selectively cut from the healthiest woodlots, and milled specifically for your project. The result is an exceptionally detailed, custom floor of astonishing beauty.

Eastern white pine will provide an earthy quality to that beauty. It grows slowly, which results in a tight, smooth, inconspicuous grain pattern with occasional large knots. Its color typically falls somewhere between pale yellowish tan to light reddish brown. It also holds finishes exceptionally well. We’ve found Pecan, Pickled, Ebony, and Nutmeg to be some of the most popular of our finish options for eastern white pine. Or, Vermont Plank Flooring’s expert custom finish shop can work with you to find a finish that is a perfect balance between eastern white pine’s natural welcoming warmth and the style and character of the other elements of your home’s interior.

Where in My Home is Eastern White Pine Best Suited?

Eastern white pine’s humble charm is perfect for a casual home. Its versatility allows it to blend harmoniously with both traditional and contemporary motifs. Its gentle luxuriousness will add coziness to your living room, dining room, or bedroom. And in more highly trafficked kitchens and hallways, its evolving patina will add character and a sense of history to your home. For basements, bathrooms, or potentially damp locations, consider our engineered flooring.

Engineered Eastern White Pine

If your flooring will be laid on concrete, below grade, or in a location where moisture may be present, consider our engineered wide plank flooring. Engineered flooring is composed of a layered sandwich of substrate topped by solid wood. The result is structurally stable, moisture-resistant flooring.

At Vermont Plank Flooring, we use the same high-quality eastern white pine for the wear (top) layer of our engineered flooring as we do for our solid hardwood flooring, so the two products are indistinguishable from one another once installed. Additionally, our wear layer is thicker than the industry norm, so it can be sanded and refinished numerous times. And, you can order the same finish options that are available for our solid eastern white pine planks.

Beneath the wear layer, we use 11 layers of the highest-grade Baltic birch as a sturdy and stable backing material, providing the highest quality engineered flooring product available. As with our solid hardwoods, since Vermont Plank Flooring will produce it specifically for your project, we can meet your exact specifications as to plank length and width.

How Much Will It Cost?

If your budget will be an important consideration in your choice of flooring, then eastern white pine should demand your attention. The species is plentiful in New England, in close proximity to our southern Vermont mill. Additionally, the qualities of eastern white pine make it relatively easy to machine and shape. Those factors—availability, minimized trucking, and reduced labor—all add up to lower cost. Additionally, eastern white pine’s extra-wide boards mean quicker and less expensive installation.

Pickling stain, water-based finish
Tung oil finish
Pecan stain, oil-based finish



Popular Finish Options

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