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Here at our family-run mill in Brattleboro, Vermont, working with eastern white pine is like cheering for the Red Sox. They’re both New England favorites with deep roots and a long history underfoot.

Vermont Plank Flooring custom mills every plank of eastern white pine for each individual customer and project. We take enormous pride in producing gorgeous flooring to your specifications at affordable mill-direct pricing.

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Vermont Plank Flooring can supply your custom-milled Eastern White Pine floor unfinished, to be finished on-site after installation - or we can prefinish it for you. Browse popular EWP finish options below.
Eastern white pine at its purest, Chelsea has a clear, matte-sheen finish to showcase the wood’s whites, reds, and hints of brown.
Versions of this traditional tung oil finish have been used on white pine for centuries. Its satin sheen gives the wood a golden finish, the likes of which you’ll see on floors, ceilings, and walls around Vermont.
Ascutney’s is rich in honey brown tones with a satin sheen, and evokes the aesthetic of our area’s rustic cabins.
Often referred to as “pumpkin pine” because of its pumpkin-colored undertones, Cold Hollow has a rich, satin sheen.
If you’re looking for a contemporary take on a historic wood, Haystack’s crisp, white-washed finish is the one for you. Its low sheen makes any space light and airy.

Style of cut
Solid / Engineered

For more than 250 years, eastern white pine has been the flooring of choice in this region. Early settlers found the species in great supply in the nearby forests and quickly learned that it was relatively easy to cut and saw. As the tallest pines in North America, and with impressive diameters, the trees produced long and unusually wide boards that made for easy installation. Those wide planks are a hallmark feature of homes in historic districts throughout New England.

As you think about the species and specifics that are best for your home and your tastes, here are some details to consider.

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