Eastern White Pine Wide Plank Flooring

Widest Planks Available

Eastern white pine wide plank flooring is the original wide plank flooring of New England, used historically because of its local availability, ease to cut and saw, and the wide boards made for an easier installation.

Eastern white pine is a softer wood that will ding and dent, adding to the charm and appeal of an old foot-worn floor that will last for 100s of years.

The historical districts of Salem, Massachusetts and Strawberry Bank in New Hampshire all have wide plank eastern white pine in homes over 250 years old.

Widths: 10" - 15"

Lengths: Up to 16'

End-Matched: Up to 12"

Also available in Long Length Engineered Flooring



Popular Finish Options

Pickling stain, water-based finish
Tung oil finish
Pecan stain, oil-based finish

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