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Oak trees are ubiquitous. In fact, more than half of all hardwood-producing trees in the United States are oaks. With such a plentiful supply, it is no wonder that red oak, along with its sibling white oak, are the most prevalent domestic hardwood flooring choices.

But there’s more to that popularity than simple abundance. Red oak is laden with appealing qualities—including its strong aesthetic character, its durability, and its chameleon-like adaptability to virtually any décor. If you are looking for something unique and unusual, look elsewhere. But if you seek a timeless classic, red oak may be just the ticket.

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Order custom-milled Red Oak Flooring in one of three ways:

Natural Leaf - Unfinished Flooring


Unfinished planks require light sanding after installation to knock sharp edges and prepare the floor for the onsite finish application. From $12 - $22/SF

Snapping Hand - Finish Ready

Finish Ready

Avoid sanding onsite by ordering unfinished planks Finish Ready: knots filled, pre-sanded, with optional micro-bevel. Unfinished price + $2/SF

Color Palette - Prefinished Flooring


Prefinished planks are milled with a slight bevel, and are sanded, sealed, and top coated with the prefinish on your signed control sample. Starting at unfinished price + $6/SF


Vermont Plank Flooring can supply your custom-milled Red Oak floor unfinished, to be finished onsite after installation - or we can prefinish it for you. Browse popular Red Oak finish options below.
Because of Red Oak’s inherent ruddy undertones, it often makes sense to draw out those qualities as best a finish can. West Dover’s very low sheen lets the subtle red and brown tints of the oak take center stage. Pictured on Plain Sawn Red Oak.
This is one of our most popular finishes, for good reason. Bright, honey hues serve as a base for these red, brown, and cinnamon tones— it lends tremendous character to virtually any space. Pictured on Plain Sawn Red Oak.
Applied to red oak, this gorgeous matte-sheen finish has a soft brown coloration that just gets better with age. Pictured on Plain Sawn Red Oak.
Pictured on Plain Sawn Red Oak, this light and airy finish has warm, white overtones and a low sheen.

Style of cut
Solid / Engineered

Amazingly, only one out of 10,000 acorns produced by a red oak manages to take root and become a tree of its own. Yet the species does not just survive, it thrives. Red oaks grow in abundance in forests from New England to Mississippi. At maturity, they reach between 80 and 110 feet in height and 3 and 6 feet in diameter. Red oaks produce a relatively hard, strong, and distinctively grained wood that is a favorite of woodworkers who produce cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, veneer, paneling, and of course, flooring. It is also used for coffins, appropriately enough, as many people simply love red oak to death.

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