Ash Wide Plank Flooring

Ash Wide Plank Flooring

For several reasons when you choose to lay ash flooring in your home, you are making a statement. Most obvious are the aesthetic implications: its bright, sunny character and subtle swirling patterns say, “come in and make yourself comfortable.”

Ash also suggests ruggedness: its density and robust strength invite your best pounding while you smile and say, “bring it on.”

Lastly, due to its imperiled status at the destructive hands of the Emerald Ash Borer beetle, walking each day on your wide-plank ash floor signifies honoring the essence and posterity of this mighty and beautiful tree.

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Order custom-milled Ash Hardwood Flooring in one of three ways:

Natural Leaf - Unfinished Flooring


Unfinished planks require light sanding after installation to knock sharp edges and prepare the floor for the onsite finish application. From $12 - $22/SF

Snapping Hand - Finish Ready

Finish Ready

Avoid sanding onsite by ordering unfinished planks Finish Ready: knots filled, pre-sanded, with optional micro-bevel. Unfinished price + $2/SF

Color Palette - Prefinished Flooring


Prefinished planks are milled with a slight bevel, and are sanded, sealed, and top coated with the prefinish on your signed control sample. Starting at unfinished price + $6/SF


Vermont Plank Flooring can supply your custom-milled Ash floor unfinished, to be finished on-site after installation, or we can prefinish it for you. Browse popular Ash plank flooring finish options below.
Ash, like birch, contains a mixture of heartwood and sapwood, often in the same plank. To complement these contrasting colors, Craftsbury, a finish with a low sheen, brings out white accents in both the board’s dark and light colors.
A more traditional amber finish, Flat Street’s satin sheen provides an unparalleled warmth, with Ash’s distinctive grain patterns highlighted in golden and brown tones.
Grand Isle is a Scandinavian-inspired low sheen finish with cool white overtones.

Style of cut
Solid / Engineered

Ash’s vibrant, resonant character in consort with our grade and finish options provide the flexibility to utilize ash in a variety of situations, from traditional homes to casual rural settings, to upscale urban apartments.

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