Cherry Wide Plank Flooring

Rustic, Formal, or Contemporary

Vermont Plank Flooring mills the widest, longest, most beautiful cherry flooring you’ll find. We’ll create and hand select each and every plank specifically for your project, so you get the exact dimensions you want, the grade you desire, the finish you select, and the quality you demand—all at an affordable price.

Its elegant, lustrous hues, satiny texture, and gentle, swirling heartwood character combine to create an inviting warmth in any room, from rustic to formal. And over time, it uniquely darkens with age, evolving and becoming more resonant, like a fine wine.

Tell Me More About Your Wide Plank Cherry Flooring

Cherry wood comes from the black cherry tree, which is widespread in the United States, growing throughout the midwestern and eastern parts of the country. It is a pioneer species, among the first to take root in a fallow field due to its prolific fruit production and the widespread distribution of the seeds within by birds and mammals. Once established, it is fast growing, reaching a fully mature height of 50–80 feet.

Cherry is a favorite of woodworkers and craftsmen. Its fine, diffuse porous texture makes it a joy to saw, turn, chisel, and plane. Its workability in consort with its subtle, elegant grain and auburn tones results in gallery-grade furniture and interior design magazine-worthy kitchen cabinetry. It is also used for paneling, millwork, carvings, boat interiors, musical instruments, and of course, beautiful wide-width hardwood flooring.

What Size Planks are Available?

Cherry trees are sensitive. They are highly susceptible to insects and diseases that can weaken them and diminish the quality of wood they produce, and ultimately destroy them. For this reason, Vermont Plank Flooring works exclusively with FSC-certified woodlot owners who tend to their trees with sustainable management practices and a lot of love. By doing so, we can guarantee that we harvest wood from only the healthiest, fully mature specimens—trees that enable us to mill the most impressive cherry planks anywhere; up to 12 inches wide and 12 feet long.

How Durable is Cherry?

Each wood species has a unique cellular structure that determines its physical properties, and by extension, its suitability for different uses. For flooring, the critical factor is the density of the wood. The higher the density, the harder the wood and the more capable it is of standing up to denting, scratching, and general wear. In Cherry’s case, its moderate density makes it one of the softer hardwoods, so if you’ve got packs of kids and pets roaming your house, you’ll need to be prepared for some impact. Of course, a good finish can help offset that, and Vermont Plank Flooring’s custom finish sampling shop can help you determine the options most capable of providing protection. Also, well-placed rugs and runners can do wonders.

What Cherry Look Like in My Home?

If the color red symbolizes love and affection, then cherry is at a distinct advantage over other woods in the quest for people’s hearts. Its deep, rich, full-bodied red hues are simultaneously comforting and elegant. And more so than other hardwoods, cherry matures and evolves over time. Exposure to air and light prompts a darkening with age to a lustrous auburn tone. Add to this cherry’s gently swirling heartwood patterns, graceful cathedral graining, and satiny texture, and it’s hard not to fall head over heels.

Vermont Plank Flooring offers cherry in both select and character grades. Select provides a subtle consistency of color and grain, with occasional small knots. Character grade allows for more variation, including an occasional streak of creamy white sapwood, and some small dark gum pockets. With either grade, many people opt for transparent finishes, such as a simple tung oil, to allow cherry’s natural beauty and character to shine through.

Whether your home is rustic or formal, traditional or contemporary, cherry’s inviting warmth will partner perfectly with your décor to bring your home to the next level.

Where Would Cherry Be Best Suited in My Home?

Aesthetically, cherry suits any room in the house. Like a fireplace or woodstove on a winter’s night, our wide plank boards provide living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms with a warmth and glow. And bedrooms and kitchens will feel graceful and refined.

Cherry’s relative softness suggests either a degree of care or a carefree attitude if you opt for high traffic areas—walk softly or accept the changing patina with open arms. Cherry’s heartwood is relatively rot-resistant and capable of weathering some degree of wetness. But for locations with a high probability of standing water or moisture, such as bathrooms, basements, or any location where the planks will be laid directly on concrete, we suggest our engineered wide plank cherry for its stability and moisture resistance.

Tell Me More About the Benefits of Engineered Cherry

Although some hardwoods are more moisture resistant than others, in general, water will ultimately result in wood buckling, warping, and decaying. Vermont Plank Flooring’s engineered hardwoods take the beauty of our wide plank cherry and add to it structural stability and rot resistance, so your cherry floors don’t have to stop at the bathroom door or basement stairs.

Cherry, select grade, tung oil finish
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