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Cherry Wide Plank Flooring

The cherry tree produces wood that is alluring. Its elegant, lustrous hues, satiny texture, and gentle, swirling heartwood character combine to create an inviting warmth in any room, from rustic to formal. And over time, it uniquely darkens with age, evolving and becoming more resonant, like a fine wine--lush, deep-red, full-bodied.

Wide plank cherry flooring.

Vermont Plank Flooring can supply your custom-milled Cherry floor unfinished, to be finished onsite after installation - or we can prefinish it for you. Browse popular Cherry finish options below.
Cherry’s natural red tones are slightly muted with this finish, which uses a low sheen and a clear finish for a decidedly modern look.
One of our most traditional oil-based treatments, Pullman’s deep red-brown tones only get richer over time; you’ll find this floor in many a historic New England home!
With a color that many people compare to walnut, Hildene’s dark color has a rich red undertone which only cherry can provide.

Style of cut
Solid / Engineered

Though George Washington did not actually chop down the cherry tree, if he had, the wood he discovered inside would likely have prompted him to mill it for use as the flooring for his future home at Mount Vernon. Cherry has that love-at-first-sight appeal.

Whether your home is rustic or formal, traditional or contemporary, cherry’s inviting warmth will partner perfectly with your décor to bring your home to the next level.

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