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Hickory Wide Plank Flooring

Installing hickory flooring in your home is like receiving a two-for-one deal. You’ll get a dramatic hardwood floor with a built-in insurance policy at no extra cost. That’s because hickory’s color variations and striking grain pattern are part and parcel of the hardest, most durable domestically harvested plank flooring available.

So, you can breathe easy when your mother-in-law begins doing the tango in her high heels in the living room, or the kids break out the hockey sticks and puck for a game in the upstairs hallway. The floor will handle it and continue to look new for generations.

hickory wide plank flooring - vermont plank

Vermont Plank Flooring can supply your custom-milled Hickory floor unfinished, to be finished onsite after installation - or we can prefinish it for you. Browse popular Hickory finish options below.
Hickory’s natural variations in tone and pattern are highlighted to stunning effect with Mays Mountain, a low-sheen finish that brings out the wood’s whites and light browns. Pictured on Select Grade Hickory.
Birdhouse mountain is a light-gold, low-sheen finish that draws out hickory’s famous grain and color variation. This enlivens a smaller space, or creates a dramatic impression in larger rooms. Pictured on Select Grade Hickory.
Light, clean, and airy, Mountain Top’s amber finish is an elegant, timeless accent to hickory’s variegated colors. Pictured on Select Grade Hickory.
This finish accentuates and brings out the grain and color variations in hickory to a starker degree than any other finish—it’s great for creating floors that look rich with history. Pictured on Character Grade Hickory.
The rustic light brown tone of Pease Mountain evens out hickory’s colors while retaining its unique character. Pictured on Character Grade Hickory.
Westminster has a tiny bit of red and a whole lot of personality; its nutmeg-brown tones imbue the wood with depth and vibrancy. Pictured on Select Grade Hickory.
A finish you’ll find in many a historic Vermont home, Newfane’s deep honey-brown tones and satin finish are cozy and warm. Pictured on Character Grade Hickory.
This is a truly beautiful finish. Its crisp white tones accent the white sapwood and mute the browns of the heartwood. Pictured on Select Grade Hickory.

Style of cut
Solid / Engineered

Here at family-owned Vermont Plank Flooring, we take pride in custom grading and crafting each individual plank of hickory specifically for your project. Because we work with only sustainably harvested, fully mature trees and hand-select each board, we are able to provide impeccably beautiful wide-width planks not found elsewhere. And we do it at surprisingly affordable prices.

Hickory wood is prized in the southern United States for use in smoking, curing, and barbecuing meat. Its dense wood makes for a slow, even burn and adds to the meat’s flavor. In fact, the entire hickory tree is, in many ways, antithetical to today’s faster-is-better world; it’s simply in no rush at all. It is slow-growing; the average shagbark, which is the fastest-growing hickory species, is less than three inches in diameter and about 12 feet tall on its 20th birthday. It doesn’t produce nuts until approximately its 40th birthday and continues to do so for up to 300 years.

That snail’s pace results in a wood of extremes—in size, strength, and aesthetics.

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