Hickory Wide Plank Flooring

A floor that will look new for generations

Installing hickory flooring in your home is like receiving a two-for-one deal. You’ll get a dramatic hardwood floor with a built-in insurance policy at no extra cost. That’s because hickory’s color variations and striking grain pattern are part and parcel of the hardest, most durable domestically harvested plank flooring available.

So, you can breathe easy when your mother-in-law begins doing the tango in her high heels in the living room, or the kids break out the hockey sticks and puck for a game in the upstairs hallway. The floor will handle it and continue to look new for generations.

Select grade, random width, water-based finish

Learn More about Hickory's Handsome Resilience

Here at family-owned Vermont Plank Flooring, we take pride in custom grading and crafting each individual plank of hickory specifically for your project. Because we work with only sustainably harvested, fully mature trees and hand-select each board, we are able to provide impeccably beautiful wide width planks not found elsewhere. And we do it at surprisingly affordable prices.

Hickory wood is prized in the southern United States for use in smoking, curing, and barbecuing meat. Its dense wood makes for a slow, even burn and adds to the meat’s flavor. In fact, the entire hickory tree is, in many ways, antithetical to today’s faster-is-better world; it’s simply in no rush at all. It is slow growing; the average shagbark, which is the fastest growing hickory species, is less than three inches in diameter and about 12 feet tall on its 20th birthday. It doesn’t produce nuts until approximately its 40th birthday and continues to do so for up to 300 years.

That snail’s pace results in a wood of extremes—in size, strength, and aesthetics.

What Size Planks are Available?

At Vermont Plank Flooring, we work with FSC-certified woodlot owners who are as patient as the hickory tree itself, allowing it to reach full maturity before harvesting. The results are healthy, sizable trees that, when milled, provide us with remarkable planks up to 13 inches wide and 16 feet long. That means fewer seams and more unbroken plank, providing a continuity that adds to hickory’s innate beauty.

Is Any Wood More Durable Than Hickory?

Hickory’s slow growth results in wood that is dense, stiff, and hard. There are some woods that are denser, or stiffer, or harder, but no commercial wood possesses all of these qualities simultaneously other than hickory. That makes hickory incredibly resistant to shocks, dents, bends, and scratches. Axe handles are also made of hickory, for good reason.

So, if you’ve got an active household with kids, pets, and that tango-dancing mother-in-law, you can sleep well at night knowing your hickory floors will still look great in the morning.

What Will It Look Like in My Home?

Hickory’s sloth-like growth has implications for its aesthetic qualities, as well, most notably the color variation between heartwood and sapwood. If you are looking for uniformity, you might consider a different species, such as select grade maple or cherry. By contrast, hickory’s pale- to reddish-brown heartwood, juxtaposed with creamy blonde sapwood and distinctive and dense bright gold grain patterns provides for some excitement on each and every board. Those elements can potentially seem overly busy on thinner boards, but Vermont Plank Flooring’s wide planks provide a more unified feel. Our custom finish department can also help you identify stain options that will work to harmonize hickory’s diverse elements.

Additionally, Vermont Plank Flooring offers hickory in select, character, and live sawn grades, providing degrees of variability. Select offers the greatest uniformity; character contains more color and grain variation; and live sawn—planks milled through the entire width of the tree—showcases the log’s entire spectrum of grains, including plain, quarter, and rift sawn aspects. Hickory’s intrinsic variations and aesthetic qualities make it a versatile flooring option, equally at home in a rustic setting and in a more formal environment.

In What Rooms in My Home Is Hickory Flooring Best Suited?

If your castle is your home, hickory’s full-body armor makes it a great choice for the jousting hall. And for the rest of us, whose home is our castle, any room apt to host lots of traffic and activity—including kitchens, family rooms, living rooms, hallways, and stairs—will maintain its allure after even years of intense wear and tear.

The exception are rooms that face the prospect of moisture and wetness. Although some species (such as white oak) are moisture- and rot-resistant to a certain degree, hickory is not one of them. Therefore, if your project includes bathrooms, rooms in basements, or application directly on concrete, we recommend Vermont Plank Flooring’s exceptional engineered hickory.

What Exactly is Engineered Hickory Wide Plank Flooring?

Our engineered wide plank hickory provides the best of all worlds; it retains solid hickory’s durability and distinctive aesthetic qualities while adding structural stability and moisture and rot-resistance to its list of qualities.

Select grade, water-based finish
Character grade
Character grade, water-based finish
Engineered, blended select & character grade
Select grade, tung oil finish

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