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Reclaimed & Antique Plank Flooring

Whether driven by the historical connotations, the authentic vintage aesthetic, or the mindset of sustainable re-use, interest in antique and reclaimed wide plank flooring is flourishing.

After having served their communities well for a century or more, many 19th- and early 20th-century barns and mills are reaching the end of their productive life or are being retired due to changing demographics and economic realities.

Before demolition, we carefully harvest wooden beams, floorboards, and siding from these historic structures and give them the opportunity to provide perhaps another century of productivity and beauty—this time as flooring in your home.

reclaimed pine - vermont plank woodstock finish

Reclaimed White Pine - Woodstock Finish

reclaimed oak - vermont plank landgrove

Reclaimed Oak - Landgrove Finish

We offer a variety of antique and reclaimed wood species, including heart pinewhite oakred oak, chestnut, white pine, and milled barnwood. Each comes with a distinctive story to tell, whispered through the well-worn texture, color, and markings they have acquired during generations of use.

Reclaimed hardwood oak flooring
Reclaimed heart pine flooring.
Reclaimed wide plank oak flooring.

Reclaimed Oak Flooring, Handscraped Texture, Hardwick Finish

It’s easy to envision antique and reclaimed wood re-utilized as flooring in rustic or casual homes such as woodsy retreats, seaside cottages, or urban mill building retrofits.

But more surprising is the unusual yet graceful juxtaposition of traditional and modern, as antique woods are also frequently utilized for flooring in newer contemporary designs and decors.

Taking that to another level, reclaimed flooring planks are often found sitting side by side with cutting-edge sustainable design features, as material re-use is one of the most sustainability-minded choices available. Our reclaimed flooring is FSC-certified and qualifies for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.

rift quarter sawn white oak - mudroom reclaimed oak

Reclaimed Oak in Cornwall, VT

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