How to Buy from Vermont Plank Flooring

How to Buy from Vermont Plank Flooring

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We understand that purchasing hardwood flooring can feel intimidating. It’s a sizable investment for something you will live with on a daily basis for many years to come. That‘s why at Vermont Plank Flooring, we strive to simplify and demystify the process, so you know exactly what to expect.

Since we’ll be crafting a floor to your specification, there are a few more steps than for off-the-shelf brands, but we believe that’s a small price to pay for the beautiful, first-rate product you will receive. And we’ll be there to assist you every step of the way. Read on to learn about our typical process!

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(1) Exploration

For starters, you’ll spend some time on our website getting to know who we are, how we work, and how our products stand head and shoulders above the competition, but how our prices don’t. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the products we sell and explore the nuances of the tree species with which we work. No decisions are necessary at this point; you’re just exploring.

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(2) Conversation

Then, give us a call (or if you're planning to be in the area, schedule an appointment and spend time in our showroom). We LOVE having visitors! In that initial chat, we’ll want to hear about your project, whether a single-room facelift or a whole-house new build. We’ll ask a lot of questions. What region of the country are you in and what is the climate? Where in the house is the flooring intended? What kind of use will it get? Are their children or pets? What is the age of the house and what are its aesthetics? What are your aesthetics?

We’ll also answer your questions and talk about the pros and cons of our products concerning your specific situation and your tastes. We’ll discuss plank width and length, solid hardwood versus engineered, species preferences, wood grades, “cut” options, and finish choices, and together we'll hone in on the best possibilities.

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(3) A Quotation (and Samples)

We understand that cost is critical, so with the information we’ve gathered from our conversation, along with the square footage, we’ll get you a price quote as quickly as possible (or several quotes, if more than one option is still on the table). We know you’ll be surprised at how reasonable those quotes are. We’ll also priority ship you samples, so you can see what those flooring options will look like in your home.

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(4) Decisions

With the information you’ve now gathered, you’ll be well-prepared to make some decisions. You’ll know whether solid hardwood or engineered planks make the most sense for your situation. You’ll know how wide and long you’ll want your planks to be. You’ll know what species, grade, and cut fits your requirements and aesthetics. And you’ll know the type of wood finish you want to use. (And if you still can’t make a decision on any of these, we can talk more. For more on these choices, see our Tips for Choosing your Plank Floor resource). Then, you'll submit a 50% deposit, and we'll get to work!

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(5) Production

Then the ball is in our court. We’ll get to work sourcing and identifying the rough sawn lumber that will be utilized for your project, and then we’ll get busy milling your planks. The turn-around time from placing the order to shipping can vary depending on its size, scope, and our production queue, but generally takes between 6-8 weeks for unfinished floors and 10-12 weeks for prefinished floors. For more about the production process, see our in-depth Production Page here.

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(6) Shipping and Installation

When your floor goes into the final steps of the production process, our Production Coordinator reaches out to schedule a ship date and discuss the details of your job site. We’ll carefully pack your flooring and wrap it in moisture-protective material to make sure you receive it in damage-free condition. We’ll ship your floor via common carrier, or if you're in the northeast, via a private shipper. Private shippers will provide "curbside" delivery (meaning they'll unload the flooring off the truck), while common carriers will not. In either scenario, you will need help on-site to move the floor into your worksite, where it will then begin to acclimate to its new surroundings. For more about acclimation, check out this in-depth post.

Unless you are an experienced builder, you’ll likely want to hire a professional to install your hardwood flooring. They have the know-how to meet industry standards so it will look great on day one, and continue to look great for decades to come.

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(7) Appreciation!

Now is the time to sit back and appreciate the extraordinary beauty of your wide-plank hardwood floor.