Crossing the Finish Line: Celebrating New Standard Finish Formulas

Celebrating UV-Cured Finishes for Commerical Application

Crossing the Finish Line

Vermont Plank White Oak - Dining Room

Applying quality finish to hardwood flooring is a complex enterprise in which the finisher endeavors to create a product that will both bring out the exquisite beauty of the wood beneath, while at the same time creating a chemical formulation that will protect that beauty for decades to come.

For 30 years, the finishing shop at Vermont Plank Flooring has worked its magic and technical expertise on millions of board feet, one client at a time, creating countless custom finishes using a veritable smorgasbord of “ingredients” in myriad combinations.  Like wizards at the cauldron, they’ve stirred together shellac, tung oil, water-based urethane, aluminum oxide, Danish oils, stain, hard waxes, sealants, tints, resins, solvents, oil-based urethane, catalysts, and pigments to enhance natural wood’s beauty and durability again and again. It’s a laborious process, but also a labor of love.

We're big believers in the hand-applied process: we think that in most circumstances it leads to the best outcome for a beautiful custom floor. With that being said, clients with large commercial projects may require a machine-applied finish, and we are happy to accommodate them!

Vermont Plank is pleased to offer machine-applied Aluminum Oxide & UV Cured finishes, with formulations based on the most beautiful and popular custom options produced at our finish shop.

The Contemporary Collection: for Commercial Projects

The aluminum-oxide finish is exceptionally durable. Our unique 6-coat-process is applied with roll coaters and provides extreme protection against wear and scratching. The multiple layers of protective aluminum and ceramic coating particulates provide 33% greater wear abrasion protection than standard aluminum oxide performance – without compromising the esthetic beauty of the natural wood tones and grain patterns.

Our Commitment: No VOCs.

Breathe easy. None of our processes or end finishes utilize any formaldehyde content, and they produce no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Our finishes are absolutely safe for the environment and humans, meeting or exceeding all California CARB II and Proposition 65 requirements. So, you can literally 'breathe easy.'

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