Our Finish Warranty

Vermont Plank Flooring warrants that our product is free from defects in finishing and we will replace any plank that shows a finishing defect so long as it is returned to us prior to installation. Planks with manufacturing defects or character that is deemed undesirable by the end user should not be installed. All of the products we pre-finish are from products manufactured from natural materials and contain variations in color, grain patterns, and textures. This warranty does not include variances in color, knots, or kiln drying defects in the installed product or variances between showroom samples and the installed floor.

There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. These warranties are given in lieu of all other warranties. There is no warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose except the express warranties on the face of this document. Vermont Plank Flooring excludes all warranties implied by law or implied by fact, which are not expressly set forth on the face of this document. The pre-finisher excludes and will not compensate for any consequential or incidental damages. This warranty is valid only to the original purchasers of the flooring and is not transferable. This warranty will void any restitution or actions on the pre-finisher's behalf if the client commits to a claim without the pre-finisher or their customer inspecting and validating the job-site, installation and/or quality product prior to the decision.

Finish Warranty

Residential: Vermont Plank Flooring offers a 25-Year Finish Warranty on all pre-finished solid and engineered products as long as the flooring installation and care guidelines are adhered to. This warranty is given solely to the original purchaser. This Finish Warranty applies only to residential applications and installations with regular wear and when proper care and maintenance is followed.

Commercial: Vermont Plank Flooring offers a 5-Year Finish Warranty on all formulated and stated commercial-grade pre-finished solid and engineered product finishes as long as the flooring installation and care guidelines are adhered to. This warranty is given solely to the original purchaser. This Finish Warranty applies only to commercial applications and installations with regular wear and when proper care and maintenance is followed.


All wood flooring will undergo natural color changes due to the effects of sunlight and/or ultraviolet light and these changes are not covered by our warranty. Area rugs and other furnishings should be moved occasionally as they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discoloration under the rug. This is not a product defect.

Additional exclusions: indentations, scratches, or damages caused by misuse, negligence, accidents, fire, erosion, insects, pets, shoes, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, lack of proper maintenance, insufficient protection of furniture, and misuse or improper alterations of the original manufactured product. Damage due to water and/or moisture, including but not limited to damage resulting from broken or leaking pipes, wet mopping, weather conditions or natural disasters, is excluded from warranties made by Vermont Plank Flooring.


As Vermont Plank Flooring has no control over installation methods or site conditions, we cannot warranty any installation or site-related issue.

Vermont Plank Flooring assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages. This writing is the complete and exclusive statement of the warranty, and is in lieu of all other expressed and/or statutory warranties. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights as they vary from state to state. Any damage caused to the flooring as a result of the following will void this warranty.

IMPROPER INSTALLATION - Proper N.W.F.A. guidelines must be followed including subfloor preparation.
STORAGE/JOB-SITE CONDITIONS - Product must be stored in a dry and heated environment, no exposure to any moisture shall be permitted. Do not store in garages, over concrete, or below grade.
WATER DAMAGE - Warranty does not include damage caused by flooding, faulty plumbing, moisture penetration, overflowing sinks, leaking appliances or any like occurrences.

Proper handling, storage, and installation are the Installer/Dealer's responsibility. Installer responsibility includes final inspection of flooring prior to installation. Our warranty does not cover flooring with visible defects once it is installed. Installer is also responsible for making certain the flooring is installed over an acceptable, suitable subfloor.

Signed Control Sample

In order to begin the finishing process for your pre-finished Vermont Plank Floor, we first must receive your signed Control Sample indicating your approval of color and finish. This Control Sample will serve as our reference point for verification before, during, and after the finishing process. Variations in color, grain structure, and character may be expected from board to board. By signing the Control Sample, you agree that your floor will be finished with the same formula to match the color and sheen of your Control Sample.

Care & Maintenance

Hardwood flooring, unlike other types of floor coverings, can be kept looking new, regardless of wear, with a minimum amount of effort. To protect against damage, just follow some basic, sensible guidelines. If your floor happens to get damaged, don't panic. One of the benefits of wood flooring is that because it is a natural flooring material, it can be repaired and/or refinished to look just like new. Here are some tips for its longevity:

  • To prevent excess dirt and grit from coming in contact with your floors, use entry mats or rugs at all exterior doors. Throw rugs are also recommended on the inside of those doors. High traffic or potential spill areas in kitchens should also employ this tactic.
  • Many wood species are photosensitive to direct or indirect U.V. light. Over time your floor may show signs of a slight change in appearance; move area rugs occasionally and shade or curtain large exposed windows to minimize this effect.
  • Please use felt floor protectors wherever possible; this will allow your furniture to be moved while minimizing the opportunity for surface scratching.
  • Clean or replace your protectors often as dirt or grit can be embedded in them. Ball-type casters are not recommended as they may dent your floor. Avoid any floor protectors that are plastic.
  • Be aware of marking soled shoes and keep high-heeled shoes in good repair. Marks from marking soled shoes can be removed by using mineral spirits and a soft cloth or towel.
  • We recommend purchasing cleaning products designed specifically for wood floors that are not acetone or solvent-based. These can be purchased through your flooring installer or directly from your flooring distributor. Using a vinegar and water dilution is not recommended.
  • Never use any kind of over-the-counter oil, oil-soap, or solvent-based products to clean or maintain your floor. They will, with repeated use, erode the protective finish and dull the luster on your floor.

Floors that have been damaged from years of wear and tear or neglect can be restored to their original beauty by sanding, staining, and refinishing. For best results, we recommend this be done by a professional wood flooring refinisher.